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Agricultural Resources

Nigeria is self sufficient in Agricultural production. Before the advent of oil, agriculture was the main stay of the economy; providing food and employment for the vast majority of the population, and as well as foreign exchange earner in the entire Nation. It was then thus: groundnut in the North; Palmoil in the East, and Cocoa in the West, and Midwest region, Rubber. All these still exist if only investors will seize the opportunities.

Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava with an annual production of 41million tons.

Before the advent of petroleum, the country was a leader in Cocoa export. But this dwindled as a result of the oil boom. All the same, the country's cocoa export still stands at over 230,000 tons. Most of the cocoa plantations are located in the South western states of the country. Ondo State leads in cocoa production.

Palm Produce:
Nigeria export palm kernel worths over 150,000 tons annually. The Eastern States of Abia and Cross River are leaders in the production.

Nigeria is self sufficient in groundnut production. Groundnut was the main foreign exchange earner in the whole of the Northern region.

Livestock Production:
Nigeria is also a leading producer of livestock in West Africa. Most of the livestock productions are found in the Northern States.

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