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Bauchi State
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Capital Bauchi
Land Area & Rank 49, 259 sq. km (4)
Year Created Feb. 3, 1976
Governor Mohammed Abubakar, APC
Deputy Gov Nuhu Gidado
L.G.A 20
House of Assembly 31
Major Areas/Towns Bauchi (capital) Azare, Misau, Jama'are, Ningi
Local Dialects Hausa (major) Fulani, Kanuri
Motto “Pearl of Tourism”
Population 2006 Census:
Rank & Sex: 4,676,465(7)
Male: 2,426,215
Female: 2,250,250
Contact Phone Gov. Office: 234-77-543821
SSG: 234-77-542041
Info: 234-77-542713, 542770
Website: www.bauchi-state-nigeria.info
Liason Office Abuja Liaison Office:
Plot 1112, Adetokunbo Adamola Crescent
Behind Peniel Apartment, Wuse II
Tel: 09-4135180-1
Fax: 09-4135182

Lagos Liaison Office
Plot 1227, Ahmadu Bello way
Victoria Island,
Tel: 01-4702254, 4707276
Local Government Areas
LGA Headquarter
Alkaleri Alkaleri
Bauchi Bauchi
Billiri Billiri
Bogoro Bogoro
Darazo Darazo
Dass Dass
Gamawa Gamawa
Ganjuwa Kafin - Madaki
Giade Giade
Itas/Gadau Itas
Jama'are Jama'are
Katagum Azara
Kirfi Kirfi
Misau Misau
Ningi Ningi
Shira Yana
Tafawa Balewa Tafawa Balewa
Toro Toro
Warji Warji
Zaki Katagum
Hotels & Tourism

Important places: places: Yankari National Park, Wikki warm spring, Mawulgo and Dimil warm springs, Dukken wells; and Borkono falls.

Important Events: Durbar Festival; main feature is horse racing, Traditional wrestling and boxing.

Awalah Hotels
Maiduguiri Road
P.M.B 52, Bauchi
Tel: 234-77-542344, 542377, 542002
Fax: 234-77-542851

Bauchi State Hotel
Tafawa Balewa Road, G.R.A
P.O. Box 12, Bauchi
Tel: 234-77-42156

Zaranda Hotel
Jos Road
P.O.Box 395, Bauchi
Tel: 234-77-43590, 42480.
Bauchi which is an expression of the name of its capital city “Bauchi” is derived from the name of the city founder Baushi; who was a great sedentary hunter in the period preceding the Sokoto jihad of 19th Century. After the Jihad, Malam Yakubu, an Islamic scholar received one of the fourteen flag bearers of Usman Dan fodio with an authority to execute the Jihad (A religious cleasing in Islam) and ascendance to position of political authority in Bauchi.

Malam Yakubu was the first Emir of Bauchi under the Sokoto Caliphate. On February 3, 1976, Bauchi was created out of the defunct North-East State by Gen. Murtala Muhammed regime. At creation, the state had 16 local government areas. Bauchi state is a heterogeneous ethnic society; prominent among them are the Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, Sayawa, Jarawa, Bolawa and Kare-kare. On October 1, 1996 Gombe State was created out of Bauchi.  


In the East is Yobe and Gombe States, in the South is Taraba and Plateau States, in the West is Kaduna State, and in the North is Kano and Jigawa States.


Two vegetational zones; the Sudan and Sahel Savannah. The Sudan Savannah to the South and Sahel Savannah to the North. The Topography is a flat plain surface with isolated mountains. The major rivers are; Jama'are and Gongola rivers which are the major sources of water in the state.


Two distinct climates; the dry season; which runs from November to March. November through February is the coldest months associated with dry and dusty (harmattan) wind. And the wet (rain) season; runs from April to October. Average rainfall is about 900mm.


Bauchi is one of the educationally disadvantaged states; out of 260 primary school teachers in the state, 130 are non-indigenes and out of that, only 50 are qualified to teach. The state has one university (Federal University of Science and Technology) two polytechnics (one federal, one state owned) one College of Education and College of Legal and Islamic education.


The economy of the state is mainly dominated by agriculture. The government is putting various incentive packages for both local and foreign investors to boost industrialisation.


Agricultural produce in the state includes; Groundnuts, Cotton, Cow peas, Guinea corn, Millet, Yams, Cassava and Fish.

Mineral/Natural Resources:

The State's mineral resources include: clay, quarts, kaolin, silica, sand, granite, salt, gypsum, copper and iron ore.

Famous Natives:

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Prime Minister (1960-66). Aminu Saleh, administrator/businessman. Ibrahim Tahir, academician. Isa Yuguda, banker/administrator. Sani Toro, sport administrator. Muhammed Gumun, ambassador. Bappah Lawal Toro, ambassador. Bularable Tafawa Balewa, diplomat. Muhammed Bello, Politician. Adamu Tafawa Balewa, politician.  
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