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Ebonyi State
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Capital Abakaliki
Land Area & Rank 5,932 sq km (33)
Year Created Oct. 1, 1996
Governor Engr Dave Umahi, PDP
Deputy Gov Kelechi Igwe
L.G.A 13
House of Assembly 24
Major Areas/Towns Abakaliki (capital), Nkalagu, Afikpo, Ezeillo, Onueke.
Local Dialects Igbo
Motto “Salt of the Nation”
Population 2006 Census:
Rank & Sex: 2,173,501(34)
Male: 1,040,984
Female: 1,132,517
Contact Phone Gov. Office: 234-43-21503
SSG: 234-43-21939
Info: 234-43-20516
Email: ebonyisac@beta.linkserve.com
Website: www.ebonyistate-ng.org
Liason Office Abuja Liaison Office:
Plot 146, Mississippi Street,
Off Alvan Ikoku way, Maitama
P.M.B. 5034, Wuse
Tel: 09-4137459
Fax: 09-4137459

Lagos Liaison Office:
Plot 1231B, Bishop Oluwole Street
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel/ Fax: 01-2645759
Local Government Areas
LGA Headquarter
Abakaliki Nkaliki
Afikpo North Afikpo
Afikpo South Nguzu Edda
Ebonyi Ugbodo
Ezza North Ebiaji
Ezza South Onueke
Ishlelu Ezeillo
Ikwo Onuebonyiechara
Ivo Isi aka
Izzi Iboko
Ohaozara Obiozra
Ohaukwu Ezzamgbo
Onicha Isu
Hotels & Tourism

Important places: Ezzamgbo lake. The rolling hills of Ndiechi Ishieke, Ogwudumgbo sand dune, cave arrangement at Afikpo and Ogo centres, Green lake park- Abakaliki and Otugbara rocks at Ikwo.

Important Events: Annual new yam festival, age grade coronation & traditional marriages.

A.D.C. Catering Rest House
Water Works Road, Abakaliki,
Denco Hotels
Nsugbe Street
Tel: 234 43 20067

Ebonyi Hotels Ltd
Ogoja Road, Abakaliki
Tel: 234-43-21511, 21515, 21527

EBSU Guest House
EBSU, Abakaliki

Eagle Royal Hotel
Old Enugu Road
Tel: 234 43 20801

Lobito Hotels Ltd
4, Leach Road
Tel: 234 43 21044
Ebonyi state was created out of Enugu and Abia States in 1996. Prior to the creation of the state, the area had been categorised into various units. In 1947 partitioning of the country into regions the state was part of the Eastern region under Ogoja province. In 1967 following state creation by Gen. Yakubu Gowon, the area was merged with the East central state. In 1976 during another state creation by Gen. Murtala Muhanmmed administration, the people of the old Abakaliki province were shared into the old Imo and Anambra States in that order.

Again in 1991 during the Babangida administration, the people that now make up Ebonyi state were merged into Enugu and Abia States respectively. The desire for a political identity was actualized on October 1, 1996 when the late Gen. Sani Abacha's administration created Ebonyi state. Ebonyis are homogenous Igbo ethnic society; industrious with rich cultural heritage. Ebonyi state is located in the South East zone of Nigeria.  


In the East is Cross River state, in the North is Benue State; in the West is Enugu State and in the South is Abia State.


Undulating land formations. The vegetation is a mixture of Savannah and Semi tropical forest.


Two main seasons (dry and rain) are experienced in the state. The rain season commences in April and ends in Oct; while the dry season lasts from November to March. Average temperature is about 300C.


The state has 689 primary schools with 450,000 enrollment, 185 secondary schools with 125,000 student enrollment as at 2000. The state also has one Federal College of Agriculture at Ishiau, one college of Education at Ikwo, one Federal Polytechnic at Umana Afikpo and a State University.


The main occupation of the people is commerce (Trading) and farming, while others are engaged in white collar jobs.


The state agricultural produce includes; yam, rice, cassava, coco-yam, oil palm, rubber, guava, pineapple, pawpaw, citrus truits, soya beans, kolanuts, melon, ginger, raffia palm and groundnuts.

Mineral/Natural Resources:

Salt, copper, crude oil, industrial sands, limestone, granite, marble stone, gold, zinc, coal, lead, gypsum and lignite.

Famous Natives:

Franklin Ogbuewu, ambassador. Ogbonnaya Aja Nwachukwu, ambassador. Pius Anyim Politician/senate president (2001-2003). Margret Nworie, administrator. P. O. Elechi, Justice. Harrison Onwe, administrator. Peter Nwankwo, administrator, Kalu Ude, businessman. Anthony Igwe, physician. Ben Egwu, administrator. G. O. Ukwanyi, Naval Officer rtd. Mike Okike, Clergy. Jacob Nwachukwu, physician. Eric Ekuma, Lawyer. Lawrence Nwuruku, Politician. Hamilton Isu, administrator. Kingsley Nkpuma, administrator. Igwe Nwenyi, administrator. A.N. Nwankwo, Justice. C. E. Ekuma Nkama, Justice. F. O. Ibiami administrator. Ukoro Edene, administrator. D. O. Aja, administrator. C. J. Odi, administrator. 
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