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Wealth of a Nation

Nigeria remains the most populous African country, possessing a mix of human, mineral, agricultural and other resources the type of which world powers are made of. Despite the negative publicities that portray Nigeria as a risk prone country, Nigeria still remains the most profitable and richest country in Africa to do business. Though some foreigners often deliberately mistrust and disparage her, yet in a world lacking in permanent friends but besotted to permanent interest, none it seems can afford to ignore her. They are always reluctant to come to Nigeria, but once they do, they are as well not in a haste to go back.

The reason for this is not far fetched; where else in the world except in Nigeria would an

investor reap 60 per cent or more profit per annum on investment? In most cases the profit margin runs up to 120 percent. Investment opportunities in Nigeria are in such magnitude that a Lagos based Indian company Director; Mr. Sinah Bhojwashi said that one can easily become a millionaire by retailing iced water. If the aforementioned be the truth, why then has so much hot air been dissipated by hostile press regarding the Nigerian business environment as unfriendly, and sometimes given credence by some resident expatriates doing business in Nigeria and making huge returns regularly; they regale their home audience with tales of crime and uncertainties about Nigeria business environment.

Investigation has revealed that even those foreigners doing good business in Nigeria and spreading obnoxious ideas about the country do so to scare away their potential competitors from coming into the country.

Nigeria is not "heaven" where there are no shortcomings. Whatever the problems are; the Government of the day has left no one in doubt of her capabilities and willingness to handle them. The federal government anti-corruption crusade which recently saw the conviction and imprisonment of former police IG, and the impeachment of Bayelsa State Governor are enough evidence to show government's determination to improve on both the economic and social status of the nation. The government has also taken great steps to restructure the infrastructural decays. All these are meant to make Nigeria better. Explore the wealth of the nation and identify your investment opportunities.

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