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Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
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Capital Abuja
Land Area & Rank 8,000 sq km (30)
Year Created 1976
Minister Mohammed Bello, APC
L.G.A 6
Major Areas/Towns Abuja (capital), Abaji, Kubwa, Gwagwalada, Kuje, Bwari
Local Dialects Various Nigerian Languages, Hausa (Major)
Motto “Centre of Unity”
Population 2006 Census:
Rank & Sex: 1,405,201 (37)
Male: 740,489
Female: 664,712
Contact Phone Minister Office: 234-3148135, 3141295, 3141019
Fax 234-9-3143859
Liason Office
Area Councils(Local Government Areas)
Area Council Headquarter
Abaji Abaji
Bwari Bwari
Gwagwalada Gwagwalada
Kwali Kwali
Kuje Kuje
Abuja-Municipal Garki
Hotels & Tourism

Important places: Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja Garden, Abuja City Gate, Abuja Stadium, Zuma Rock the rock with human face, the Three Arm Square, ECOWAS Secretariat building, the Nicon Hilton Hotel and Aso Rock.

Important Events: The annual Abuja Cannival, held in December

Abuja Dannic Hotels
Plot 93, Oyo Street
Area 2, Off Moshood Abiola Way
Tel: 234 9 2348183
Fax: 234 9 2348185

Agura Hotel
Festival Road
P.O Box 40, Garki Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2341753-60

Akalaka Guest House
Plot 7, Yaounde Street
Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5231176

Aavison Hotels
Plot, 456, Kontagora Close
Area 3, P. O. Box 2532
Garki, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2343864, 2343338

Amso Hotels
Plot 305, Yaounde Street
Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5235870, 5235871

Arewa Suites
Off Herbert Macauley Street
Central area
P. O. Box 416, Garki, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5233762, 5239253
Fax: 234-9-5239251

Bolingo Hotel And Towers Plc
Independence Avenue, Area 10
P. O. Box 4654,
Garki, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2344701-9
Fax: 234-9-2344710
Email: bolingo@bolingohotelandtowersplc.com
Website: www.bolingohotelandtowersplc.com

Chelsea Hotels
Plot 389, Cadestal Zone
Central Area, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2349080-98
Fax: 234-9-2349077, 2349074
Website: www.chelseahotelabuja.com
Email: info@chelseahotelabuja

Crystal Palace Hotel
Port Harcourt Crescent
Off Gimbiya street, Area 11
Garki, Abuja.
Tel: 234-9-3140033, 3142072

Dayspring Hotel
Juba Street, off Lusaka
Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5238714-5

Gubabi Royal Hotel
Plot 2359, Sokoto Crescent
Wuse Zone5, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5242401-3, 5240885-6
Fax: 234-9-5240321

Ibro Hotel
Plot128, Michael Opara Street
Wuse zone 5
P. O. Box 2122, Garki
Tel: 234-9- 5233200-9

Molarax Hotel
Olusegun Obasanjo Way
Wuse, Zone 2
Tel: 234-9-5238451-3, 5238454

Transcorp Hilton Hotel
P.O.Box 200, Maitama Abuja
Tel: 234-9-4132410 (Reservation), 4131811-40
Fax: 234-9-4132418
E-mail: hiton_abuja@hyperia.com
Website: www.hilton.com

Pioneer Hotels
Plot 2190 (Adjacent Kabo House)
Wuse Zone 4, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5239547-8, 5232102
Fax: 234-9-5238068

Protea Hotel
Independence Avenue
Area 10, P. O. Box 4654
Garki, Abuja
Tel: 234-9- 523833-6
Fax: 234-9- 2344701
Email: proteahotelabuja@hotmail.com

Rockview Hotel
Plot 789, Maitama, Abuja
P.O.Box 5879, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-5236722-27
Fax: 234-9-5236768

Rosebud Hotel
Port Harcourt Crescent
Off Gimbiya, Area I1
Garki, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-3142010-13

Royalton Hotel
Plot1907, Gongola Street
Area 2, Section 1
P. O. Box. 5450
Garki, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2346850-2
Fax: 234-9-2344912

Savannah suites
Area 3, Garki
Tel: 234-9- 2341090, 2342025, 2342840-3

Sheraton Hotels & Towers
Ladi Kwali, Zone 4 Wuse
P.M.B 143, Maitama
Tel: 234-9-523-0225-244

Siman Hotels Ltd
Plot 2163, Malumfashi Close
Behind Int Conference Centre
Area 11, Garki Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2346109,
Fax: 234-9-2346080
Mobile: 0803 5961122

Valley Pride Hotel
Plot 1373, Borno Street
Area 10, Garki
P.O. Box 6740 Wuse
Zone 111, Abuja
Tel: 234-9-2342407, 2342406
Federal Capital Territory (FCT) commonly called by its capital city-Abuja, was a product of foresight and sense of objective judgements by Gen. Murtala Mohammed’s Military regime. Who, sensing the conjestion in Lagos and also to make the capital more centerally located decided to create a new capital via Decree No.6 of 1976. It is a city whose creation was achieved by people who longed for unity; and Abuja reflects that aspiration and remains today the only entity the entire citizens can proudly lay claims to.

The manifestation of various activities and those participating in them Point to the fact that Abuja is a sociocultural melting pot devoid of one distinct custom and tradition .

The administration of the territory is under a minister and is assisted by a minister of state. On December 12, 1991, Abuja assumed the seat of Government following the relocation of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida then President from Lagos to Abuja. Abuja, though a virgin terrain turned a capital city and relatively new, notwithstanding wields infrastructurally and commercially much more than older cities to the surprise of any visitor.  


In the East is Nasarawa State, in the South is Kogi State, and in the North is Kaduna and Niger States.


The land surface is undulating with hills and mountains. The State House is named after the Aso rock, which is one of the prominent features in the Territory. The vegetation is predominantly guinea savannah.


The temperature fluctuates between 30 and 37 degree centigrade. Abuja has two main seasons; the dry and wet seasons. The dry season lasts between November and March; the rain/wet season commences in April and ends in October. Annual rainfall is put at an average of 1,632m. December through January is very cold as a result of the harmattan haze.


Abuja has 310 primary schools, 43 secondary schools, one technical college, one college of education, one polytechnic and one University; University of Abuja at Gwagwalada.


Abuja thrives on service industry. The continuous influx of people has reinforced the needs for essential services including those of the financial institutions. As a growing city, the city plays host to various construction firms; both local and international.


Prominent agricultural produce in the Territory includes: yam, sorghum, rice, guinea corn, maize, melon, tomato and millet. A wide range of fruits are also grown within the territory such as; bananas, oranges, grapes, cashew, and mangoes.

Mineral/Natural Resources:

Crushed and polishable stones, tin, clay, marble, mica.

Famous Natives:

Musa Yar’Aua, Nigeria President, (2007- ) Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria President (1976- 1979, 1999-2007) Jerry Useni, rtd Army Gen., Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria Vice President (1999-2007). Abba Gana, Engineer. Nasir EL-Rufai, administrator. Esther Audu, politcian. Gaius Obaseki, administrator.  
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