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Human Resources

Nigeria's leading role in Africa and her contributions in the global world can be felt in various human endeavours:

Nigeria has played major leadership role in Africa development. She spare headed the struggled to end the apartheid regime in South Africa. Emeka Anyaoku distinguished himself as the Secretary-General when he led the 54 strong members Commonwealth of Nations body for ten years, 1990-2000. Mrs. Dora Akunyili; the Director General of NAFDAC (National Agency For Food Drug Administration and Control) in 2003 won for herself and Nigeria the

prestigious "Integrity Award" awarded by Transparency International at Hague, Netherlands. She is still winning more of these awards.

The Nigerian Armed Forces have been involved in various peace keeping operations in different parts of the World. The ECOWAS Force (ECOMOG) is a pet project of the Nigerian government in 1990 at the peak of the Liberian civil war. This force has not only restored peace in Liberia, but also in the neighbouring Sierra Leone, where the president- Ahmed Tejan Kabbah was restored in office after being deposed by forces loyal to Major Johnny Paul Koroma in May 1997.

Education/ literary:
In 1986, Professor Wole Soyinka became the First African to win the Noble peace prize in literature).

In arts and entertainments, Nigeria has produced world class musicians such as Sade Adu: Grammy award winner and Late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the founder of Afro beat.

Nigeria made history in 1996 when the country's Olympic football team led by Kanu Nwakwo won the Olympic football gold; making Nigeria the First African Nation to achieve that feat. (See sports section for details on sports)

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