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Kogi State
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Capital Lokoja
Land Area & Rank 29,833 sq km (14)
Year Created August 27, 19916
Governor Yahaya Bello, APC
Deputy Gov Simeon Achuba, APC
L.G.A 21
House of Assembly 25
Major Areas/Towns Lokoja (capital), Okene, Idah, Mopa, Kabba.
Local Dialects Igala, Ebira, Okun
Motto “Confluence State”
Population 2006 Census:
Rank & Sex: 3,278,487 (20)
Male: 1,691,737
Female: 1,586,750
Contact Phone Gov. Office: 234-58-221455
SSG: 234-58-220408
Info: 234-58-220648
Liason Office Abuja Liaison Office:
Plot 117, T.Y. Danjuma Street
P.M.B. 122, Abuja.
Tel/Fax: 09-3145511

Lagos Liaison Office:
Plot 1224, Bishop Oluwole St
P.O. Box 73814,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: 01-2621477
Local Government Areas
LGA Headquarter
Adavi Ogaminana
Ajaokuta Adogo
Ankpa Ankpa
Bassa Oguma
Dekina Dekina
Ibaji Onyedega
Idah Idah
Igala-mela Ajaka
Ijumu Iyara
Kabba/Bunu Kabba
Kogi Koton Karfe
Lokoja Lokoja
Mopa-Amuro Mopa
Ofu Ugwolawo
Ogori-Magongo Ogori-Magongo
Okehi Obangede
Okene Okene
Olamaboro Okpo
Omala Abejukolo
Yagba East Isanlu
Yagba West Odo-Ere
Hotels & Tourism

Important places: Lord Luggard's residence and office, spot where the Royal Niger compay flag was lowered in 1890, Mount Patti, Iron of liberty; the spot where slaves were freed in 1860, is marked with two iron poles, grave yards of deposed exiled Emirs of Kano, Zaria and Bida during colonial era, first primary school in Northern Nigeria, built in 1860, River Niger and Benue confluence spot, World war cenotaph, Earth bridge in Egane.

Important Events: (New yam) festival in Kabba, and Italo festival in Igala.

Confluence Beach Hotel
Tel: 234-58-220106, 221752

Kogi Hotels
Tel: 234-58-220655

Kewon Hotel
Tel: 234-58-220633

Liberty Hotel
Tel: 234-58-220074
Kogi state is the most centrally located state in the federation. The capital, Lokoja plays host to various visitors criss-crossing the North and South of the country. The state comprises of the Igala, Ebira, Kabba and Kogi divisions of the former Kabba province. The state is highly a heterogeneous ethnic society. Lokoja the capital has its roots deep in the Yoruba civilisation. The city was founded by a migrant prince from Ile-Ife. The name is derives from the phrase Loko Eja, essential meaning “Go get Fish” The state is the Southern “Gate way” to the Federal Capital City of Abuja. The motto of the state 'Confluence State' is derived from the convergence of the two principal rivers (Niger and Benue) in the state.

The state was created by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s military administration from the old Kwara state. Lokoja is a historic town in Nigeria political development; technically; the first capital of Nigeria. The Union Jack was first raised in Lokoja. Sir Fredrick Luggard's seat of power still houses the state government. It was in Lokoja that Nigeria assumed her present form, and reborn from the dynasties of the Emirs and Obas.  


The state is bounded on the North by Niger and Nasarawa states and Federal Capital Territory, in the east by Benue state, on the South by Edo, Enugu, Ondo and Ekiti states, in the west by Kwara state.


Rocky and undulating land scape. The vegetation consists of rain forest in the western parts and wooded savannah and grassland in other parts of the state. The notable trees are: baobab, akeer-apple, shea-butter, obeche, iroko and mahogany. The Principal Rivers are River Niger and Benue.


The two main seasons experienced in the states are the wet and dry seasons. The wet (rain) season starts by March and ends in October; while the dry season commences by November and lasts till February; this period (November-February) is also very cold due to the harmattan wind.


The state has one university, two polytechnics and a college of education.


Agriculture is the main stay of the economy, the state hosts one of Nigeria's steel plants; Ajaokuta Steel plant at Ajaokuta, a Brewery at Mopa, an Iron ore minining at Itakpe, marble industry at Lokoja, Coal Mining at Ankpa and Saw Mill at Ogbogbo Idah among others.


Agricultural produce in the state includes; yam, maize, guinea-corn, groundnut, cocoa, cashew, oil palm, coffee, fish and other sea food.

Mineral/Natural Resources:

Coal, limestone, marble, fildspar, clay, kaolin, iron ore, talc, columbite, Tantalite, Quartz, Mica and abundant water suitable for irrigation farming.

Famous Natives:

Aliyu Attah, police officer (rtd) Chris Ali, army officer (rtd). James Onoja, army officer (rtd). S. S. Ameh, lawyer. Patrick Adaba, administrator, Samuel Akonde, administrator. Joseph Makoju, administrator (PHCN MD). Subina Attah (Mrs), administrator. Abubakar Audu, politician. Silas Daniyan, industralist. Sola Akanmode, politician. Isaac Alfa, airforce officer (rtd). Alex Kadiri, businessman. Funsho Owoyemi, accountant. Kabiru Shuaibu, businessman. Abdurrahman Okene, administrator. Ahmed Usman, army officer (rtd). Thomas Adaba, journalist/broadcaster. Yusufu Obaje, Clergy (Chaplain to President Obasanjo) 
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