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Nasarawa State
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Capital Lafia
Land Area & Rank 27,117 sq. km (16).
Year Created October 1, 1996
Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, APC
Deputy Gov Silas Agara
L.G.A 13
House of Assembly 24
Major Areas/Towns Lafia (capital), Akwanga, Toto, Keffi, Nasarawa
Local Dialects Hausa, Eggon, Gwandara
Motto “Home of Solid Minerals”
Population 2006 Census:
Rank & Sex: 1,863,275 (35),
Male: 945,556
Female: 917,719
Contact Phone Gov. Office: 234-47-220160
SSG: 234-47-221102
Info: 234-47-221509
Email: ncc @ncc-gov.ng
Website: www.ncc.gov.ng
Liason Office Abuja Liaison Office:
Plot 1150A Kwame Nkrumah Crescent
Behind ECOWAS Building, Asokoro, Abuja
Tel: 09-3140294, 3140295
Fax: 09-3148454

Lagos Liaison Office:
Plot 1234, Bishop Oluwole St
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel: 01-618577
Local Government Areas
LGA Headquarter
Akwanga Akwanga
Awe Awe
Doma Doma
Karu Karu
Keana Keana
Keffi Keffi
Kokona Garaku
Lafia Lafia
Nasarawa Nasarawa
Nasarawa Eggon Nasarawa Eggon
Obi Obi
Toto Toto
Wamba Wamba
Hotels & Tourism

Important places: Farin Ruwa falls, Wamba historic Maloney Tomb/Hill, Akiri warm spring, Eggon Hills and Carves, Doma dam, Hunki ox-bow Lake, Ara Rock, Keane and Awe salt mines, Bakomo Games reserves.

Important Events: colourful festivals spread throughout the state and celebrated at different period of the year.

Agwa Guest House
Jos Road, Lafia

Lafia Guest House
Shendam Road
Historically, what is today known as Nasarawa State can be traced back to pre-colonial era. The then famous Nasarawa Province comprised of Lafia and Keffi emirate and Abuja, the Present Federal Capital Territory. In 1930s, due to political and administrative changes, the province lost its status; Nasarawa became a division and along with Keffi and Lafia divisions were merged with Benue Province.

In 1967, Benue and Plateau Province were merged to form the then Benue-Plateau State. Ten years after, precisely in 1976, Plateau State then comprising the newly created Nasarawa State was carved out of Benue - Plateau state. With the increased clamour for self determination and creation of more states, Gen. Sani Abacha on October 1, 1996, created Nasarawa State out of old Plateau State.

The State comprises the former divisions of Keffi, Lafia, Nasarawa and Akwanga Minos and Abuja Emirates. The State is made up of thirteen Local Government Councils with heterogenous population. With over 200 ethnic groups, no single one is large enough to claim majority over the other. Among the various tribes are; Eggon, Tiv, Fulani, Hausa, Gade, Gwandara, Eloyi, Alago, Migili, Koro, Arum, Mama, Rindre and Yeskwa.  


In the North West is Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja; in the North East is Plateau state, in the North is Kaduna State, in the South is Benue State, in the South West is Kogi State, and in the South East is Taraba State


The state is low lying toward the South and isolated mountains/hills in the North.


The climate could be hot or cold depending on the time of the year. A mean temperature of 600f and 800f (Maximum) have so far been recorded, while annual rainfall varies from 131.75cm in some places to 145cm in others. The months of December, January and February are coldest months due to the very dry harmattan wind.


The State has 101 secondary schools, one college of education, one school of preliminary studies, one College of Agriculture and one state owned university at Lafia.


The economy of the state is sustained by agriculture. The State is presently experiencing rapid economic growth as a result of the nearness to the Federal Capital. Housing/property development business is a great boost to the state economy mostly within Karu Local Government Area. Lucrative investment opportunities abound in this sector.


Agricultural produce of the state includes: Millet, rice, maize, tomatoes, yam, cattle, sheep, goat, poultry products, pigs and fish.

Mineral/Natural Resources:

Coal, marble, iron ore, Granite, Topaz, aguamarine, fluorite, tourmaline, Emerald, Helidor, amethyst, sapphine, columbite, clays, mica, salt, limestone, galena, barytes, zircon, feldspar, tantalite, silica sand and cassiterite.

Famous Natives:

Hussaini Zanwa Akwanga, administrator, Haruna Abubakar, politician. Isa Ibrahim Modibbo, administrator, Aishatu Rufai Ibrahim, administrator. Mark Idakula, Justice. Rebecca Isaac, adminstrator. Jonah Ogbole, administrator. Mathew Akwe, politician. 
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